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A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to the Streams of Florida 
Edition: first edition  
Volume: volume two 
Year: 1987 
ISBN: 0897320670 
Call No: 917.59 
The Story of the Greater Charlotte Harbor Watershed 
Year: 1998 
Call No: 508 
The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding: From Lofting to Launching 
Year: 1990 
ISBN: 0877429995 
Call No: 623.8 
Winslow Homer Watercolors 
Edition: third printing  
Year: 1970 
Call No: 759.13 
The Toolbox Book  
Edition: second edition  
Year: 1995 
ISBN: 1561582727 
Call No: 621.9 
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ships, Boats, Vessels, and other water-borne Craft 
Edition: first edition  
Year: 1978 
ISBN: 087951082X 
Call No: 387.2 
Decolonizing Museums: representing Native America in National and tribal museums 
Year: 2012 
ISBN 13: 9780807837153 
Series: first peoples: new directions in indigenous studies 
Call No: 970.004 
Treasure of the Atocha 
Edition: first edition  
Year: 1986 
ISBN: 0525244972 
Call No: 975.9 
A Short Bright Flash  
Edition: first edition  
Year: 2013 
ISBN 13: 9780393068795 
Call No: 623.89 
Pride of Baltimore: The Story of the Baltimore Clippers 
Year: 1994 
ISBN: 0070237115 
Call No: 387.2